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Welcome to Eskilstuna´s breakfast meeting 'Energy Wise Grocery Stores' - Planning for energy efficient cities (PLEEC)

Welcome to Eskilstuna´s breakfast meeting 'Energy Wise Grocery Stores'

On 21 may 2015 (7.15 to 8.30am) Eskilstuna´s 2nd Local Dialogue Forum is aiming at grocery stores and how they can become more efficient. The event takes place at Eskilstuna´s City Hall – Ebeling room.

Target group: The invitation is aimed at those responsible for or able to influence energy consumption in supermarkets.

Background: An online training on energy efficiency in supermarkets is developed (and launched) by regional energy agencies in collaboration with BeLivs (Purchaser Group Food Premises). With short informative films and clear schematic explanations participants get practical advice on energy efficiency, how the energy consumption in food premises can be reduced and how staff can be trained in energy efficiency.


  • Welcome to the breakfast meeting for grocery stores in Eskilstuna
  • Opportunities for counseling, Energy Advisor, Arne Johansson
  • Tips and advice on efficiency, Energy Agency in Mälardalen
    • Main issues: Lighting, cooling, ventilation; web-education, energy consulting opportunities for stores
    • Option to register for the competition "Energy wisest grocery store"

  • Compete and become Eskilstunas "Energy wisest grocery store":
    The best store will be selected in fall 2015 based on the following criteria:
    • How many energy measures the store has implemented or intends to implement?
    • How many of the staff have gone through online training?
    • How has the store communicated its energy activities to staff, customers and partners?

Registration for the event via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until 19 may 2015.

Programme: Eskilstuna´s 2nd Local Dialogue Forum

Välkommen till Frukostträff! "Energikloka Livsmedelsbutiker"
Den 21/5 7.15-8.30 Stadshuset, Ebelingrummet

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