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PLEEC project shows presence at international events - Planning for energy efficient cities (PLEEC)

PLEEC project shows presence at international events

Prof. Rudolf Giffinger, Head of the Centre of Regional Science at Vienna University of Technology and leader of PLEEC Work Package 2, has been representing and promoting PLEEC project at several international occasions:

At the 16th Baltic Development Forum Summit & 5th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR on 3 – 4 june 2014 in Turku (Finland) his presentation titled "Smart City - PLEEC - Planning Energy Efficient Cities in a place based way" focused on the different understandings of Smart City. On the background of the different concepts and the basic challenges which cities are recently experiencing the own place based understanding was elaborated. Special focus was put upon the elaboration of innovation potentials for individual cities which was applied in the run of the PLEEC project in collaboration with six medium sized partner cities in Europe.

Furthermore, Giffinger presented at an Italian conference dealing with the future of medium sized cities in Europe ("Viewpoints and key issues on medium-sized European cities: intelligent, inclusive and sustainable growth", Perugia, Italy, 13 june 2014) the own approach of ranking, benchmarking and strategic advice. In particular, two aspects had been stressed: Firstly, the benchmarking based on the 'European Smart City'-approach with a special focus on the results of Perugia. Secondly, the different sets of indicators which had been elaborated in the run of the PLEEC-project emphasizing its different nature and problems of data quality.