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Impressions from PLEEC partner meeting in Turku, 25 – 28 march 2014 - Planning for energy efficient cities (PLEEC)

Impressions from PLEEC partner meeting in Turku, 25 – 28 march 2014

Turku presented itself at its best and welcomed the PLEEC partners with sunny and warm springtime weather.

Starting on Tuesday afternoon with the Executive Board Meeting of all Work Package leaders, the whole PLEEC partner consortium came together on Wednesday morning in Logomo – an event venue transformed from an old railway workshop. The morning session which was open for the public included inspiring speeches about PLEEC project, energy efficient cities, smart people and the way towards an energy efficient future. According to U.S. Ambassador to Finland H.E. Bruce Oreck "it´s all about the cities" - energy efficiency has to be realized in the cities in order to guarantee an energy efficient future.

All the presentations can be downloaded here:

Mikael Kullman - Components of a smart city

(Date: 04.04.2014 - File size: 636.17 KB - Hits: 1231)

Timo Hintsanen - Planning for a smart city and region

(Date: 04.04.2014 - File size: 8.81 MB - Hits: 1390)

Riikka Leskinen - Smart people make smart choices

(Date: 04.04.2014 - File size: 2.46 MB - Hits: 1209)

Aleksi Randell - Turku´s commitment for green growth and innovation

(Date: 04.04.2014 - File size: 3.57 MB - Hits: 1162)

The afternoon was followed by internal work-intensive PLEEC sessions. In three workshops - each treating one separate Work Package - the participants gathered and discussed energy efficiency projects and ideas from the technological, structural and behavioral point of view.

Having a glance into what happens in practice, Thursday morning offered the opportunity to visit several interesting sites: an energy efficient shopping centre, a biogas plant as well as an old factory which was renovated to an energy efficient office building.

Recovered with some fresh air, the partners continued in the afternoon working, discussing and exchanging ideas and knowledge during their workshop sessions. Finally, the last evening concluded with a reception at the Turku City Hall.

After wrapping up and drawing conclusions on Friday morning, the participants came together for a last joint lunch - before heading back to their home countries.

Thanks to our great organizers in Turku for hosting us these days – it was a pleasure!

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Watch the videos of the speeches of U.S. Ambassador to Finland H.E. Bruce Oreck and Riikka Leskinen:

Bruce Oreck - Making Change Happen -- The League of Green Embassies


Riikka Leskinen - Smart People Make Smart Choices