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News - Planning for energy efficient cities (PLEEC)

Review: 2nd Local Dialogue Forum in Turku

2nd Local Dialogue Forum in TurkuOn 10 February 2016 Turku´s 2nd Local Dialogue Forum took place. Main topic of discussion was the climate and energy program of the city 2020-2040 focusing on issues like sustainable energy systems, sustainable mobility management, sustainable planning, sustainable growth and green economy, co-operation and involvement and investments in sustainable development and steering.


2nd Local Dialogue Forum in Turku16 participants from different institutions like the Turku energy company, local public transportation, the local waste management company and many different sectors of the City of Turku discussed about measurement and reporting of the results of the actions. They answered questions like how, when and who is responsible for the actions and how to get the necessary information to verify the achieved Greenhouse Gas reductions. The fruitful discussion fostered the cooperation between the different sectors and to reach a joint understanding of suitable measures to promote sustainability.

PLEEC video: How to write an Energy Efficiency Action Plan

Linus Pettersson, energy and environmental expert in Eskilstuna and Olov Åslund, expert on mobility management, are interviewed on Eskilstuna municipality's Energy Efficiency Action Plan.

Ljubljana showcases energy efficiency

On 4 February 2016, University of Ljubljana hosted a PLEEC dissemination event at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering (UL FGG), Jamova 2, Ljubljana followed by a study visit to some energy efficient projects and sites in Ljubljana.

Invited guests from the PLEEC project partner consortium were Florian Strohmayer from TU Wien (Austria) as well as Prof. Erik Dahlquist from Mälardalen University (Sweden). They spoke about the development of 6 energy efficient PLEEC model cities with focus on technical and behavioral aspects as well as how European Smart City Profiles can facilitate learning from Best Available Practices.

The event gathered around 25 participants including UL FGG staff and post-graduate students, as well as experts from other faculties and research institutes, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of RS and the City Municipality of Ljubljana (Mrs Alenka Loose, City Energy Manager) who participated actively in joint discussions.

On 5th February PLEEC guests visited energy efficient projects in the city center of Ljubljana in relation with the renewal of the public transport system (including cycling and walking) and the renovation of important cultural heritage buildings in Ljubljana - European Green Capital 2016.

Jyväskylä´s 3rd Local Dialogue Forum

Jyväskylä´s 3rd PLEEC Local Dialogue Forum will be organized as a morning session of the Central Finland Energy Day on 17 February 2016.

The contents of the forum include:

  • The municipalities’ new energy efficiency agreements 2017-2025 (speaker from the energy authority)
  • Towards Resource Wisdom and carbon neutral energy production and transport in Jyväskylä
  • The Jyväskylä’s energy balance 2014 and future scenarios of renewable energy and carbon neutrality
  • Presenting the PLEEC project and the Energy Wise Jyväskylä action plan
  • Comments on the action plan from the city’s planning experts:
    • traffic and lighting
    • urban planning and land use
    • energy efficiency of buildings

Program and registration for the Energy Day at the Central Finland Energy Agency’s website at (in Finnish).

PLEEC Final Conference: Program out now!

PLEEC Final Conference: Program out now!75% of EU citizens are living in cities today and the numbers are rising. At the same time the demand for energy is growing - cities belong to the main CO2 emission sources. So how can we find suitable measures to make our cities more energy efficient? How can we make sure that our cities will be and remain sustainable places to live in?

The PLEEC´s Final Conference „PLANNING FOR ENERGY EFFICIENT CITIES – how to achieve the Sustainable Energy Smart City” will give answers and present the latest research findings on sustainable city planning and energy efficiency.

Members of the PLEEC partner consortium will present the results achieved within the PLEEC project and share their experiences on how to plan for the Energy Smart City. Meet our university experts and smart city partners and take part in discussing future paths of sustainable development. Don´t miss this unique opportunity and come by!

Read more: PLEEC Final Conference: Program out now!

SAVE THE DATE: PLEEC Final Conference

The PLEEC project is slowly but surely coming to an end.

The Final Conference will take place on 8 March 2016 in Hamburg in the framework of the “International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment (SBE 16)” ( – a top-class scientific event on sustainable development and new concepts of sustainability in the building sector.
Kindly reserve this date in your calendar! We will keep you updated on this website.

Out now: Summary report on urban energy planning: Potentials and barriers in six European medium-sized cities

This is the final report of PLEEC’s Work Package 4, dealing with urban/spatial planning and energy. It focuses on the (potential) application of measures and policies in urban planning to improve the energy performance of cities. Summaries and recommendations for each of the six PLEEC cities are given.

This report represents Deliverable 4.4. of PLEEC´s Work Package 4.

D4.4 Summary report on urban energy planning: Potentials and barriers in six European medium-sized cities Version:final

Final report of PLEEC’s work package 4

(Date: 13.12.2015 - File size: 3.53 MB - Hits: 1844)

PLEEC at NordRegio Forum “Nordic City Regions in a Global Environment”

PLEEC partner Christian Fertner from the University of Copenhagen presented key findings from the PLEEC project at the NordRegio Forum “Nordic City Regions in a Global Environment” (25-26 November 2015) in Helsingør, Denmark.

As one of the core elements he presented the list of spatial planning measures with aim of measuring how urban planning could contribute to lower energy use in cities. The indicator set of 29 measures has been developed and tested in close cooperation with the six PLEEC cities (Eskilstuna, Turku, Jyväskylä, Tartu, Stoke-on-Trent, Santiago de Compostela). The main result from the testing has shown the importance of local contexts and administrative conditions for using indicators. The results have identified challenges of working with indicators generally, as well as the importance of being aware about how rebound effects can counter against certain planning and policy initiatives. For instance, much of the discussion in the question period focussed on how people living in dense urban areas in Nordic capitals can often have a larger environmental footprint than rural residents because they have second homes, or travel internationally for recreation more often.

Read more: PLEEC at NordRegio Forum “Nordic City Regions in a Global Environment”

"Resource wisdom at workplace”: 2nd Local Dialogue Forum in Jyväskylä

On 12 November 2015, PLEEC partner city Jyväskylä organized the 2nd Local Dialogue Forum titled “Resource wisdom at workplace”. The event took place from 1 to 3.30 pm and gathered about 20 participants.

Summary 2nd Local Dialogue Forum titled “Resource wisdom at workplace”After welcoming words and an introduction into the PLEEC project by Laura Ahonen, development manager of the City of Jyväskylä, PLEEC Project Manager Lauri Penttinen presented the PLEEC pilot campaign which was realized at the workplaces of the City of Jyväskylä from 1 to 31 October 2015. The campaign aimed at raising awareness on the use of energy among personnel of the city and involving the users in saving energy.

Read more: "Resource wisdom at workplace”: 2nd Local Dialogue Forum in Jyväskylä

Housing associations go for sustainable technology and energy efficiency

Eskilstuna 3rd Local Dialogue ForumEskilstuna´s 3rd Local Dialogue Forum on 19 november 2015 gathered about 20 housing associations - represented mostly with a person from the respective board of the association. The participants showed great interest for sustainable technologies like electric cars and the corresponding charging infrastructure, for putting solar cells on the roof and for increasing the investments in energy efficiency.

Eskilstuna 3rd Local Dialogue Forum


As a reaction to the great demand a follow-up meeting was already planned for which will focus on the topic of charging infrastructure for electric cars.

On the way to smart Santiago

On the way to smart SantiagoSantiago de Compostela´s 3rd Local Dialogue Forum took place on 26 November 2015 at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

The day was full of presentations and discussions about promising strategies for energy management of smart and intelligent cities as well as future trends on energy savings and energy efficiency. Presentations of various projects gave on overview of ongoing initiatives where Santiago is involved in.

The event concluded with a round table discussion on the topic “Savings and energy efficiency in Smart Cities”. The discussion was about the concept of a smart city and how it could be realized in the future. Different points of view allowed to reach a benchmarking between advances reached in different Galician cities and Santiago de Compostela as well as in other European cities.

Read more: On the way to smart Santiago

PLEEC project partner TU Vienna at the Smart City Week in Barcelona

On 19 november 2015 Prof. Rudolf Giffinger from Vienna University of Technology (project partner and leader of Work Package 2 of the PLEEC project) held a presentation about “Smart City Indicators - meanings of indicators in a place based understanding” at the Symposium on Key Performance Indicators for Smart Cities in the framework of the Smart City Week in Barcelona. In his presentation he described the whole PLEEC-methodology with a focus on the results of PLEEC´s Work Package 2.

Read more: PLEEC project partner TU Vienna at the Smart City Week in Barcelona

Local Dialogue Forum in Santiago de Compostela is dedicated to smart cities and energy

Santiago de Compostela´s 3rd Local Dialogue Forum is taking place on 26 November 2015 at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Aula Magna de la Facultad de Matemáticas. Campus Vida, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela).

The objectives of the event are to

  • analyze current strategies for energy management of smart/intelligent cities,
  • present various European projects about energy efficiency
  • analyse future trends with regards to energy savings & efficiency

The forum is dedicated to academics, researchers, business people/entrepreneurs and practitioners from the wide sector of energy efficiency and the interested public.

Read more: Local Dialogue Forum in Santiago de Compostela is dedicated to smart cities and energy

3rd Local Dialogue Forum in Eskilstuna

Eskilstuna´s 3rd Local Dialogue Forum takes place on 19 November 2015 and is mainly dedicated to housing associations in order to provide them with information on energy efficiency, electric cars and solar cells.

Presentations will treat topics like

  • How to cut the housing association's energy costs
  • The future of electric cars and solar cells
  • Charging infrastructure in Eskilstuna
  • The municipal energy and climate adviser of Eskilstuna

Read more: 3rd Local Dialogue Forum in Eskilstuna